Saturday, October 26, 2013

Emergency Flood Relief Update

Flood update — JWOC delivers much needed relief

Journeys Within Our Community (JWOC) has been working to deliver much needed relief to Tropeang Ses and Veal Villages.
On Saturday October 12, the JWOC staff worked together to put health and hygiene packs together ready for distribution by the Clean Water and Community Liaison and Assistance (CL&A) teams on Sunday.  Each pack contains 3 bars of soap, 2 10ml iodine bottles and 8 clear water tablets.
Community Liaison and Assistance manager Konthea, Bunroeun and Vantha assemble clean water packages for delivery.
The next day, the teams distributed 285 hygiene packs to as many families.  106 hygiene packs were distributed by our teams in Tropeang Ses and 179 in Veal, both nearby squatter villages where many of the JWOC school students come from.
A scholarship student explains how to use the clean water packages in Tropeang Ses village.
Health and needs assessment is conducted to determine the needs of each individual village.
The heavy rains have stopped for now and the flooding is going down.  However,  the drainage around Tropeang Ses village is still blocked and the area is still severely flooded, with water levels above the knee as there is nowhere for the water to drain to.
A mother accepts a hygiene package.
On Saturday October 19, the CL&A team distributed hygiene packs to 36 families in this block and will continue working with them as they are at high risk still of water-related and mosquito-borne diseases. 
Volunteer students were a key part of getting the emergency services to the people in the villages.
A local woman listens to instructions on how to use the clean water tablets to keep from contracting water-borne diseases and how the iodine can be used to clean cuts to prevent infection.
JWOC is thankful for the support of all donors who helped to make it possible to provide this much-needed immediate relief.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Siem Reap Floods: Emergency Relief

Dear JWOC Supporters, 


As you may have heard in recent news, Cambodia is experiencing severe flooding with the death toll currently over 100 and over 60,000 people having to leave their homes so far. There is growing concern over disease outbreak from water-borne diseases due to a lack of sanitation and hygiene in these extreme living circumstances.   The flooding has seriously affected nearly all of Cambodia with Siem Reap Province, the communities JWOC works with, hit especially bad. The flooding is damaging homes, crops and causing harm to roads and infrastructure.

 For those living off the main roads just getting out of the house means wading through dirty water that in places is well above knee height.  In the rural parts of the Province villages are becoming cut off as roads are washed away. People in the communities JWOC works with are so far surviving but it’s an anxious time as the risk of water related and mosquito-borne diseases, such as Dengue Fever, is high and growing as the flooding is not receding.

As well as the large concern over the risk of disease there is also recovery to consider once the water goes down, with clean up and repairs to roads and houses needed. Many families are losing their crops as their rice fields and poultry are destroyed by the flooding, a source of both income and food for impoverished families.The longer-impact of the flooding is fear for food security with concerns over food shortages

We are asking for you to donate towards JWOC’s Relief Fund during this difficult period to allow us to help with current emergencies, reduce risk of disease and to give us the ability to contribute to the recovery of the communities that mean so much to us.

With a donation of $15 you can help 10 families prevent and treat water related diseases they are contracting from living in flooded homes and drinking contaminated water.  Each hygiene pack contains clear water purifying tablets, iodine antiseptic and soap. 

Please donate $50 so that you can help 10 families from being at risk from fatal mosquito-borne diseases.

Donating $100 you would help provide food for 10 families for a week to help them through the food shortages and difficulty in securing food for their children during the recovery process.

To donate please go here . Mark your donation Flood Relief.

Thank you!

Best wishes,

Alex and the staff, volunteers and beneficiaries of JWOC

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